"BH Physio have been a huge help with sorting out my aches and pains. He really listened to me and worked with me on a programme which was realistic, varied and effective. I have noticed a big improvement in how I feel when I walk and now feel able to increase my fitness again."
Mary, 26

"I had been suffering from bad headaches for several
years when someone recommended BH Physio to me.  Thanks to his expertise I am now completely headache-free - I am very grateful"
John, 57

"I stupidly ran 10k on an injured knee! 'I’ll just run it off'…. The result was months of pain and eventually an arthroscopy.  I searched for a physiotherapist in desperation to help me stay upright!  BH Physio was local and easy to find.  They helped me to understand what I had done; how to make it better and how to keep fit without simply going for a run!  It’s hard to get motivated to do exercises every day, but when you know why you need to do them and you can see the difference, it’s easy.  I now know what to do and I won’t wait so long to get help in future!"
Barbara, 54